PT – Drowning

And then she knew.


She was surrounded by blue.
Turquoise? Sapphire? Azure?
No, more like a green streaked with gold.

Her eyes were opened lazily,
Her limbs floating beside her numbly,

ZzZzZzZZ, buzzing…
ZzZzZzZZ, pressure…

She was being strangled from the inside;
She couldn’t breathe.

She could only think:
Is this a dream?

Through her eyelashes she could see:
Rays of light,
The shining gold.
Masses of bubbles,
The sparkling cerulean.

But something was wrong
despite the beauty of it all;
Her lungs,
Her nose,
Her mouth,
Her eyes.


Her body jerked.

Her lungs screamed,
screamed, for air.

And then she knew.
She was drowning.

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